Fire prevention and anti-theft "large shareholder"! Three

The large shareholder invading the funds of the listed company is the major shareholder's encroachment on the rights and interests of the minority shareholders. In fact, it should be called the theft of the major shareholder or the robbery of the major shareholder. Hongyang Energy (600758, Diagnostics), Eastern Ocean (002086, Diagnostics) and ST Guanfu (002102, Diagnostics) have suffered a significant decline in recent stock prices due to the large shareholders.

What do investors think about the behavior of large shareholders occupying listed company funds?


It is essentially harming the interests of minority shareholders, which is actually very unfair to other investors.


Of course this is not a very good thing, but now the market is not very good, so everyone's capital chain is relatively tight.


Investors should stay away from such companies, and even follow up on supervision and public opinion.

Beware of the resurgence of major shareholders' shareholdings

The shareholder's share peaked around 2000, and nearly 60% of listed companies in 2004 had large shareholders, and the total amount was as high as 100 billion. At that time, the total market value of the capital market was only a trillions of trillions, and the market value of circulation was even less. The listed companies were not allowed to move and were unable to move. This is like the fact that after the separation of the father and son in the countryside, the father kept on the son’s home to take East Nash, and he could not make it. Afterwards, several ministries and commissions jointly cleaned up the phenomenon of large shareholders' shareholdings. The major shareholder must pay back the deadline. Basically, this matter has been stopped, and there has been no recurrence for many years.

Fire-eye identification focuses on these three financial data

For small and medium-sized shareholders, it is necessary to avoid the first step in the practice of stepping on the thunder. There must be traces of transactions in any of the accounts, and the first one is the accounts receivable. In general, listed companies and major shareholders will have associated transactions. For example, if you have produced a hundred cars and sold them to you, you will not be able to pay for the goods. I can only hang them on the accounts in the form of accounts receivable. If the proportion of receivables is too high, it is necessary to consider whether there is a major shareholder. At this time, we must trace the source to see the age of the accounts receivable, such asIf you are five years old, there is a possibility of bad debts. Accounts receivable are derived from major shareholders, which is the majority shareholder.

Another item is other receivables. Many major shareholders take money from listed companies and basically put the accounts into other receivables. If there is any abnormal sign, it is necessary to trace them. There are also prepayments. The prepaid accounts are bought from the major shareholders, and hundreds of millions of people have been beaten in advance, but your things are not given to me. This is also the shareholder's share.

Violation of the rules and the complexity of attention to these listed companies

According to the disclosed 2018 three quarterly report, the ratio of accounts receivable to operating income exceeds 30% There are as many as 1,744 listed companies, accounting for nearly 50%. Among them, Shenwu Energy Savings (000820, Diagnostics), Xinwei Group (600485, Diagnostics), Shenwu Environmental Protection (300156, Diagnostics), ST Ruidian (601558, Diagnostics) and Imprint Media have a high proportion.

From the perspective of other receivables, *ST Huaze, Guosheng Jinkong (002670, diagnostic stock), HNA Innovation (600555, diagnostic stock), *ST Xinyi (600145 Other receivables from China Oil Capital (000617, Diagnostics) accounted for a higher proportion of operating income.

From the proportion of prepaid accounts to operating income, the energy saving ratio of Shenwu is nearly 300 times, Guosheng Jinkong, Shenwu Environmental Protection, *ST Huaze and Wanze Shares ( 000534, the number of doctors) is also higher.

(The above data is only a financial indication, for reference only)

Lujiazui (600663, diagnostic stock) observation point:

What if I step on the thunder? Small and medium-sized shareholders must learn to protect themselves, pick up the weapons of the law, and use the power of the media. Only when the whole society has formed supervision and control can it greatly curb the share of major shareholders. Of course, our regulatory authorities must also curb the spread of large shareholders.

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