The New Year theme investment is hot. The agency recommends

In the first month of 2019, the market oscillated upwards. All kinds of themes were performed and the rotation was faster, and there were many subject industries with strong persistence.

Great Wall Securities (002939, Diagnostics) released a report saying that the topics that had been the focus of the market were: brokers, military workers, white chickens and pigs in poultry, unicorns under the concept of science and technology. Venture capital, media sub-films, games, 5G under the concept of large infrastructure, nuclear power nuclear power, rail transit, UHV, photovoltaics, home appliances, hydrogen fuel power batteries, brewing, industrial Internet, etc. Next, we will continue to pay attention to military industry, pig breeding, unicorns, media and video games, nuclear power nuclear power, and UHV photovoltaics.

The theme of the market has not yet received market attention but has clear time nodes and catalysts, mainly the Belt and Road, Sino-US relations, North Korea concept, Evergrande backdoor concept stocks, annual report concept stocks, Dawan District planning concepts and Agricultural No. 1 concept. Next, you can pay attention to the Belt and Road, China-US relations related topics, North Korea concept, and annual report concept stocks.

Summarize the following investment hotspots for sustainable attention:

(1) Military industry: The economy is booming, the pace is slowing down, the two sessions can expect policy catalysis, and the game between China and the US can observe the tension. In October 2019, the 70th anniversary of the founding of the country can be arranged in advance.

(2) Pig breeding: the production capacity of pigs is accelerated, the pig price is expected to fall, and the leading concentration continues to benefit; after the first quarter, the economy may fluctuate upwards, and the short-term high-ranking stocks may have a correction, which can evaluate the market sustainability. Bargain layout.

(3) Unicorn: The overall flexibility is lower than when the venture capital stocks are launched, but the persistence is stronger. After the listing of the science and technology board enterprises, the price effect can be observed, which can be used as the market expects the board to rise. Arbitrage, a tool to tie the premium.

(4) Film and television: The box office of the Spring Festival is divided. The higher-predicted film in the previous period corresponds to the stock price of the listed company, which is good for cashing out and even failing to meet the expected risk. The company is expected to usher in another round of increase. However, chasing high participation is more risky. The impairment of goodwill and the risk of industry regulation have been gradually digested, and it can be laid out in the middle of the period.

(5) Games: The degree of benefit of the target is different. The copyright liberalization in the whole sector is basically digested in the short term. The risk of goodwill impairment is gradually exposed and is already being digested.The newspaper will be laid out before and after the announcement.

(6) Nuclear power nuclear power: The progress of nuclear power approval review is expected to accelerate, and the gradual release of procurement will drive the industry recovery. At present, the stock prices of related stocks have started but there is still room to closely observe the acceleration or stagnation caused by changes in marginal policies.

(7) UHV: The most flexible initial stock price start phase begins and the callback ends, followed by observation of subsequent events and policy catalysis. After the previous faucet callback, you can step in step by step, and a stable ticket can be used for the midline layout.

(8) Photovoltaic: The photovoltaic industry has been oversold by the mid-year policy, and the industry has been further concentrated. After the demand comes up, the equipment leader will grow strongly in the future, the marginal utility of the policy will be enhanced, and the callback will be able to be laid out. The risk of retracement continues to be positive in the medium term.

(9) One Belt and One Road: The first summit was highly concerned by the market, and the attention of the second summit may be reduced; the central position of the summit before the summit can be closely monitored, and the fundamentals of the core target are good and logical. layout.

(10) Sino-US relations: As the most influential factor affecting the market, there has been no clear negotiation conclusion. The middle of February is the last important time node before the negotiation period, which can be used for the success of the negotiation. Make a pre-judgment and select the relevant affected target.

(11) North Korea Concept: As an important middle chip of the game between China and the United States, North Korea has intensively held summit meetings with the two countries. North Korea’s decision may have a greater impact on the market and can follow up with the relevant Korean concept. Observe the changes in the intensity of attention in the market.

(12) Annual report concept stocks: From bottom to bottom, we can tap the performance to improve stocks. Under the background of goodwill impairment and multiple companies' performance, we can complete the performance reversal, uncap or big A company with a high range of transfer can be used as a light warehouse game.

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