40,000 pieces have not learned the method of bargain-hunting

The recent hotspot conversion speed is too fast, many stocks plummeted the previous day and fell sharply the next day. Taken on Friday, although the index has risen sharply, but before the popular 5G, UHV, venture capital concept stocks, suddenly encountered a collective "Holocaust." In the early period, Dongfang Energy (600,776, diagnostic stocks), Fengfan shares (601,700, diagnostic stocks), Tongxing Lixing (002243, diagnostic stocks) and other old leaders fell, the recent Yongtai Energy (600,157, diagnostic stock), Xiongyi shares ( New leaders such as 002,733, and the company's communications (603,220) have also encountered difficulties.

In the beginning of 2019, Kang Dexin (002450, diagnostic stock), Sanan Optoelectronics (600703, diagnostic stock) and other white horse stocks thunder, hot speculation continued poor The new stocks have no profit opportunities in the era of Wanxing Technology (300624, Diagnostics). In the end, which method can make money? Today, I am going to teach you how to make a good start in 2019 from a stock picking method that has never been publicly disclosed before, even if you lost 30%, 50% or even 80% in 2018, I believe that as long as this method is used well, there is hope for returning to this and even making money!

The method is very simple and easy to understand, but the actual combat effect is very good, you can understand it in 5 minutes. I will give you a detailed explanation below.

The moving average is a curve that combines the average of stock prices over a period of time. We need to use the 5-day moving average, the 10-day moving average, and the 20-day moving average. In the daily K-line of the stock, when the 5-day line passes through the 10-day line and the 20-day line respectively, and then the 10-day line wears the 20-day line, and forms a multi-headed arrangement, and the resulting triangular-like technical feature is gold. Triangle. In the Golden Triangle area, it is often accompanied by a very significant amount of heavy volume, which is actually a feature of incremental capital entry.

The "Golden Triangle" form can be represented by the following figure:

Not only that, the formation of the "Golden Triangle" is very strict behind logical.

We all know:

1. Volume is evidence of money in and out, if a stock risesIf the volume is reduced or decreased, it will inevitably have funds to continue to enter the market. Taking the venture capital concept company Hua SEG (000068, diagnostic stock), the whole process of capital operation can be clearly seen from the volume of transactions.

2. According to the trend theory, the moving average is the reaction of the stock price trend, and provides a strong support for the stock price rise. Take the "stock king" Kweichow Moutai (600519, diagnostic stock), why do you rebound every time you go to the 10th line? In fact, behind the power of the moving average, "pull" the stock price to go up.

3. When we were in elementary school, we learned the basic mathematical principle of “triangle stability”. Now we apply this principle to stock technical analysis. Through the following analysis, we find that the 5-day, 10-day, and 20-day triangles are also stable.

When the 10-day line was worn on the 5th line, it indicated that short-term funds entered the market, and the short-term trend turned stronger. The rebound began initially.

When the 5-day line wears the 20-day line, it indicates admission. The level of funds has further expanded, and the short-term and short-term and medium-term trends have begun to strengthen;

When the 20-day line was worn on the 10th line and eventually formed a long position, it indicates that the short-term and medium-term capital behaviors have been consistent, and See more consistently.

The "Golden Triangle" form of stock, while meeting the above three conditions, so has triple stability, which is a hard logic for the Golden Triangle to choose a highly secure stock!

The method is simple, but the logic is powerful. Below I will give a few examples to explain the use of the Golden Triangle.

The first one was Guizhou Moutai. This former stock king was also innumerable in 2018. It once fell from 800 yuan to 500 yuan. However, since the end of December, Guizhou Moutai has been unaware of it. Has risen more than 20%. what is this?

After we took out the trend of Kweichow Moutai, we found that there is a “Golden Triangle” in the K-line map of Guizhou Maotai!

Guizhou Maotai

On January 2, the Kweichow Moutai Line on the 5th line crossed the 10-day line for the first time, showing signs of getting out of the bottom.

On January 3, the Kweichow Moutai Line crossed the 20th line again, and the trend further strengthened.

On January 8, the 10th line of Guizhou Maotai passed through the 20th line for the first time. At this time, the trend was obviously stronger.

Not only that, in the process of forming the “Golden Triangle” in Moutai, Guizhou, we can clearly observe the method of volume trading, and the increase in volume will decrease.

A perfect "Golden Triangle" form!

If we form the Golden Triangle in Moutai, Guizhou, the second day, that is, the opening price of 610 yuan on January 9th, and the closing price of 683 yuan on Friday, it can be stable. Get more than 12% of the proceeds.

Many people may ask, on January 9th, Xusheng shares (603,305) have risen by 10% at the bottom. At this time, will they catch up soon after entering the market?

This kind of problem does not exist, because the emergence of the "Golden Triangle" is not a small level of rebound signal, but a large level of reversal signal! If a stock may rise by 50%, then we will enter the market when it rises to 10%. Is it still chasing high?

Not only is Kweichow Moutai, there are still a lot of bullish stocks that have skyrocketed after the emergence of the Golden Triangle!

Zhongfu Industry (600595, Diagnostics)

In January 5G, UHV, military and other topics, the main business is the production of aluminum products, Zhongfu Industry, no performance No subject matter, no good, why can such "three no" stocks ignore the big market adjustment and get out of a wave of the main rising wave?

The answer lies in the trend of Zhongfu Industry:

On January 7th, the 5th line wears the 10-day line;

1 On the 8th, 5th, the line wears the 20th line;

On January 10th, the 10th line wears the 20th line.

After the formation of the “Golden Triangle”, Zhongfu Information (300659, Diagnostics) continued to show a wave of 25% increase. There is a picture of the truth, isn't it?

Maiwei (300751, diagnostic stock)

doing solar energy (000591The sub-new shares of the battery business, although rarely paid attention to by the market, are still quietly rising. The “Golden Triangle” before the upswing is easy to identify. As of Friday's close, there is at least 5% profit.

First Medicine (600833, Diagnostics)

In December, the bad news of purchasing was released, the first medicine still ignored the bad news, and the bottom was quietly heavy. It has quietly constructed a beautiful "golden triangle", which has risen by 30% so far.

There have been a lot of stocks that have risen since the recent "Golden Triangle", and I will not list them one by one.

Avenue to Jane. Stocks tend to be unpredictable, and the stock picking method is ever-changing, but whether it is fundamental, technical or news, there are capital-driven results behind it. The strength of the "Golden Triangle" is grasping the essential factors that drive stocks' ups and downs, and can judge the trend of capital contribution, so it is not surprising to choose so many big bull stocks.

Of course, a good stock picking method is far more than a "golden triangle". In my years of actual combat, I also summed up the short-term trading system based on the time-sharing pattern and volume of individual stocks, and summed up the bottom-hunting method, the half-buy method and the board-buying method. In the three major stock selection methods, the bottom-hunting method is especially suitable for the downside. And all the above methods of operation, you can subscribe to my course "from buying to selling, seven lessons to teach you to catch the daily limit" to further study.

How to buy:

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Since the course was launched, the praise has been constant, making money constantly!

The course is suitable for the user type:

1. When entering the stock market, it is urgent to dig into the "first bucket of gold" stock market newcomers.

2, 2-5 years of stocks are not required, business stocks who are often optimistic about stocks but not making money.

3. Old drivers who have mastered the common stock analysis methods but can't get the correct results.

Finally, let me say one more sentence. Yesterday, a friend asked me why I am so good at selling stocks. I asked him at the time: Why is Xu Xiang worth tens of billions of dollars? Zhao’s brother earned 10,000 times in 8 years, and the bank’s interest for the year was tens of millions. Why is it still being killed every day?

In fact, the answer is very simple: the stock market is tens of millions, I just want to tell you, I am right.

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