AWE on the eve of 5G: a major change in the home appliance i

Home appliances became the latest battlefield for artificial intelligence technology to regain its combat power at the China Home Appliances and Consumer Electronics Show (AWE2019) in 2019.

5G, AI, home intelligence and TV display technology 8K, OLED and other trends are the highlights of this session.

"The home appliance industry chain is undergoing unprecedented major changes." Industry insiders said that enterprises from all walks of life, traditional enterprises and new technologies are rapidly cross-border. The entire industry reflects a convergence, collaboration and integration. And with the 5G wind blowing the home appliance and consumer electronics industry, smart homes also detonated in advance.

Integration of upstream and downstream integration in the industry chain

As one of the main characters of AWE each year, the TV exhibition area is crowded with people. Voice interaction, visual recognition, and AI chips have become standard equipment for home appliances this year. In addition to some highly technical TVs, this year's 8K battles of Sony, Samsung and Xia popular LG have also become the protagonists. The ultra-high-end super-large-size TV products with a price of one million yuan bring great visual impact. New technologies such as 8K and OLED on color TV products are blended, and enterprises are expanding to the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain such as chips and panels.

On the AWE2019, the cross-border applications of various giants have also reached the ground, and the results of the alliance between white-scale manufacturers and Internet companies are particularly obvious. Alibaba, Xiaomi and home appliance manufacturers have exhibited their own full set of smart products. Jingdong has also increased its layout with Midea and Philips. Midea has also established an Internet ecosystem with alliances such as IBM, Alibaba Cloud and Huawei.

Industry economic analyst Ding Shaojiang said: "This year's AWE is different from previous years. First, the application of artificial intelligence is highlighted, and the scene of AI application is becoming a mainstream brand. Consensus, the head brands are actively deploying the full scene and all categories of smart homes, and also trying to build an ecosystem to achieve more cooperation; at the same time, product quality is more mentioned by enterprises, 'price ratio' from cheap to quality and price In addition, more IT, Internet, and communication brands are involved, and the upstream supply chain actively participates and endorses.”

“The integration of upstream and downstream of the industry chain is becoming more and more important.” Hisense Appliances ( 000921, diagnostic stock) (Hong Kong stocks 00921) Group Co., Ltd.Liu Wenzhong, president of the industry, believes that upstream enterprises in the industrial chain are more likely to extend downstream. Suppliers often do not provide a single product, but also provide modular and integrated solutions to seek innovation in business models.

Wang Lei, vice chairman of China Household Electrical Appliances Association, said that China's home appliance industry has entered a new stage of development, and the upstream of the home appliance industry chain is booming, and the cooperation with the whole machine manufacturers must rise to a strategic level.

“The home appliance industry chain is undergoing major changes.” Chen Li, the head of the China Household Appliance Industry Chain Conference, believes that there is a new trend in the industry chain reform: market pressure requires the industry chain to reduce costs and improve efficiency. In terms of contributing more space, advanced experience and raw materials from other industries will bring new possibilities to the transformation of the home appliance industry chain, allowing the first move to be implemented better.

The bottom of the trillion yuan smart home

On AWE2019, Haier, Midea, Xiaomi and many other companies have also surrendered their new record in the trillion-level smart home market.

In the smart home layout, they chose different development paths. Haier and Jingdong Micro-Link are mainly platform-based, connecting family life equipment based on their smart life platforms, expanding brand categories; Huawei and Xiaomi are focusing on ecology and expanding intelligent hardware products; Midea and Ali are mainly solutions to promote smart homes. Landing; Panasonic, Boss, Vantage, Shuaikang, and Xiaoxiong are mainly manufacturing, making the scale of the industry and landing.

The smart homes of many home appliance companies such as TCL, Changhong, Skyworth, Konka, etc. focus on the application scenario experience of deep integration of AI and IoT, and promote the complete set of products, while expanding related security equipment such as home security and environmental monitoring. . Suning and Gome also made a high-profile voice on smart homes.

Home appliances, technology, retail and other enterprises are joining hands to shake up the trillion-dollar smart home market, sketching out the future smart life scenes for consumers around the world, and landing one by one, but a large-scale commercialization The solution will take time.

Compared with last year's star presence, this year's AWE, home appliance companies pay more attention to the technology and concept of the product. At this AWE exhibition, we saw more product-centric layout and display, and a panoramic experience of smart life.The high-definition display technology shows the latest achievements in the integration of cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence, mobile Internet, and big data with the home appliances and consumer electronics industries. The more diversified elements are truly integrated into our lives.

The industry believes that this is the performance of China's home appliance brand and China's exhibition industry becoming mature day by day. The home appliance exhibition has broken through the boundaries of its home appliances and become a fusion exhibition of technology competition in the technology industry. Home appliance enterprises pay more attention to technology. Breakthroughs and product innovations.

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