00 Later: Tianfeng Securities recruited a 19-year-old analys

After 90 years, he just entered the age of standing, and began to appear after 00. Recently, the electronic group of Tianfeng Securities (601162, Diagnostics) Institute ushered in a new member. The Institute recruited people without any novelty. However, it is surprising that the new member of the electronic group actually has only 19 year old.

After joining 00 Tiantian Securities Research Institute

I believe that everyone, like the fund manager, is very curious about the 19-year-old brokerage research institute that can enter the limelight, and is still a well-known electronic group. What kind of super strong resume does this person have?

It is understood that this person is named Yu Wenjing. The official website of the China Securities Industry Association shows that he currently works for Tianfeng Securities and his master's degree is a master's degree.

According to the Shanghai Securities News, Yu Wenjing graduated from the South China University of Technology with a degree in finance, and graduated from the Finance Department of the Chinese University of Hong Kong.

If you are 18 years old and go to college as a universal standard, you must be 25 years old after reading graduate students. Yu Wenjing can go to the society and start the workplace when his peers are still studying at the university. Career, it can be seen that it has a great place in learning.

Fund Jun searched, and has not yet seen Yu Wenjing's research report.

It is not only our curiosity that the relevant staff of Tianfeng Securities also smiled at the fund and wanted to find an opportunity to meet this primary school.

However, the 19-year-old Yu Wenjing is not alone in the workplace. According to the report on the employment status of 2018 college graduates in Shanghai, about 95.3% of the 2018 Shanghai college graduates were born after 1995, an increase of 19.9 percentage points compared with the previous college graduates; The proportion of graduates higher than other age groups has become the main force of Shanghai's recent graduates. It is worth noting that 17 people were born in 2000, and some have entered the city's human resources market and started their own career.

Tianfeng Securities has greatly increased its research strength in recent years

In fact, it is enough to see that Tianfeng Securities Research Institute headed by Zhao Xiaoguang has been focusing on talents in recent years. Craving.

In 2016, after the establishment of Zhao Xiaoguang, Tianfeng Securities began to recruit and recruit heavily in the securities industry.Volunteers, Haitong Securities (600,837, diagnostic stocks), Huatai Securities (601,688, diagnostic stocks), Guoxin Securities (002736, diagnostic stocks) and other major research teams of several new wealth analysts, research strength has increased significantly, and gradually from the name I have not seen it rise to the rise.

In 2017, Tianfeng Securities's commission income reached RMB 310 million, a 3.67 times increase over 2016. The ranking also advanced by 23 in 2016, and the promotion commission was ranked seventh.

In the first half of 2018, with the eye-catching performance of the Institute, Tianfeng Securities was able to rise among the top of many large brokerage firms, ranking fifth among the top ten brokerage income.

Zhao Xiaoguang also said in an interview with the media that in the future, Tianfeng Securities Research Institute does not have to dig up many new wealth analysts, but is more inclined to look for industries with rich industry experience and potential research. Newcomers, train them.

The brokerage research institute gradually improved the talent echelon construction

The news that the public commission rate will be greatly adjusted before the year will push the seller's research into the embarrassing situation of survival. For the brokerage research institute, the level of research directly affects the income of the warehouse. On the other hand, the rumors of leaving the company and reducing wages at the brokerage research institute are endless. How to consolidate its position and show the "moat" effect in the fierce market competition is a difficult problem facing the major brokerage research institutes.

The most important asset in research business is “talent”, and it is undoubtedly crucial to focus on the construction of talent teams. In addition to attracting outstanding analysts to join, it is more important to continuously develop excellent research talents from within.

In 2018, Founder Securities (601901, Diagnostics) (Defense Rights) internally proposed to "train the post-90s chief", further clarifying the goal of echelon construction. It is understood that this is the high-level researcher proposed by the Founder. One of the key tasks.

On the other hand, in the securities industry market, the post-90s chief also appeared. For example, Zhang Yu, chief analyst of Essence Securities Bank, published an article entitled "The First Post-90s Bank Chief Monologue" at the beginning of last year, responding to questions about his age.

Pan Xiangdong, chief economist of New Era Securities, believes that in addition to external hireThe Institute itself establishes a complete set of talent introduction, training, assessment and incentive systems, and gradually builds a talent development mechanism that combines self-cultivation with external introduction, which is the key to the sustainable development of the brokerage research institute. At the same time, some brokerage research institutes said that they are improving the echelon construction of the institute staff and recruiting the backbone.

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