Mainstream manufacturers will push the folding screen mobile

Recently, Xiaomi and Rouyu have played a “slobber” around the foldable screen mobile phone. China Securities Journal reporter learned that in 2019, Samsung, Huawei and other mainstream mobile phone manufacturers will launch foldable screen mobile phones. However, industry insiders pointed out that due to the low yield, high cost and insufficient output of the current foldable screen mobile phone panel, the current foldable screen mobile phone is still in the concept machine stage, and the shipment volume may not be large, and the market prospect still needs to be observed.

At the trial stage

As early as the end of October 2018, Rouyu Technology launched a foldable screen smartphone with a 7.8-inch AMOLED panel. On November 8, 2018, Samsung Electronics released a foldable Screen phone concept machine. It is reported that at the World Mobile Communications Conference (MWC) held in February 2019, Huawei will release the world's first 5G folding screen smartphone.

Guolian Securities (Hong Kong stock 01456) believes that because the traditional smartphone market is saturated, smartphone brand manufacturers are already striving to give innovative designs to smartphones. Foldable AMOLED panels are considered to be the most attractive and differentiated form factor designs available today. More and more mobile phone brands are expected to launch foldable screen smartphones in the future.

Qunzhi Consulting believes that in 2019, Samsung, Huawei and other brand-name folding screen terminal products will be listed one after another, as a new form, will subvert the application of the consumer field.

Even so, industry insiders analyzed that the folding terminal product is still in the new market introduction period in 2019, and is in the trial stage.

Guolian Securities Research Report shows that from Samsung's production capacity, the flagship-targeted mobile phone will produce at least 1 million units. If the market feedback is positive, it will continue to increase production, and will maintain the rhythm of the folding screen mobile phone in the next year. .

However, some senior panel industry sources said that the current foldable screen mobile phones are mostly prototypes, and the final market feedback has to wait for the products to be truly listed.

Wang Yanhui, secretary general of the China Mobile Alliance, also said that objectively, the foldable screen mobile phone is still in the concept machine stage, and the impact on the mobile phone market is extremely limited.

Shipments or less

Previously, OPPO Vice President and President of China Business Division Shen Yiren accepted the mediaIn the interview, the folding screen will provide a lot of imagination for future mobile phones. And really want to achieve folding screen mobile phones, batteries, motherboards, PCB boards, many components to be flexible.

"The panel process is still immature, the yield is low, and the product supply is limited. (It is expected that this year's (collapsible screen mobile phone) shipments are not large." Li Bo, chairman of a smart phone manufacturer in Shenzhen (Personal name) told the China Securities Journal reporter that last year the company was originally prepared to make a foldable screen mobile phone, but because of the high cost and high selling price, the product did not match the company's brand positioning, and later felt that the timing of the launch was not mature.

Wang Yanhui believes that because the foldable screen mobile phone screen is larger and more expensive, it can be recognized by consumers, and it depends on whether it is really practical.

According to the official website of Rouyu Technology, the current price of FlexPai Soft Consumer Edition 6GB+128GB is 8999 yuan, and the products are pre-sale products. In November last year, according to domestic media quoted Korean media reports, the price of Samsung foldable mobile phones in South Korea will be around 2 million won, or about 12,300 yuan.

“The cost will only come down after the whole quantity is produced.” Li Bo said that many manufacturers have launched such products for the purpose of targeting a foldable screen mobile phone. Consumers see that big manufacturers are still leading the trend.

So, what is the output of the foldable screen in 2019? The reporter called Visionox (002387, Diagnostics) as an investor and said that “the (folding screen) overall volume will not be too large.”

According to IHS Markit, by 2025 Folding AMOLED panel shipments will reach 50 million units, accounting for 6% of total AMOLED panel shipments, accounting for 11% of total flexible AMOLED panel shipments.

According to estimates by Qunzhi Consulting, it is estimated that the scale of global folding mobile phones will reach 900,000 units in 2019. Whether the industry shipments can break through the forecast, more needs to look at the performance of domestic manufacturers. Because of the perfection of the folding product for the entire supply chain, including the provision of upstream raw materials, the capacity, yield, performance of the midstream panel factory, the institutional design of the downstream terminal manufacturers, the overall thickness solution, and the changes in the UI after hardware implementation are all proposed. Higherchallenge.

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