Who is the "star" listed on the board? Which concept stoc

The CSRC released the series of scientific and technical boards. Who are the listed "stars"? Which concept stocks can benefit?

As one of the most important events in the capital market in 2019, the science and technology board is about to enter the practical stage. Which companies may be the first "stars" to land on the board? In the A-share market, which listed companies will benefit from “staining”?

At present, the market generally believes that the first batch of enterprises that have landed on the board of science and technology are born in the three types of enterprises that are in the state of listing counseling, unicorn companies and listed companies in the head office of the new three boards. Big. It may focus on semiconductors and integrated circuits, high-end equipment manufacturing and new materials, new energy, energy conservation and environmental protection, and biomedical industries.

"Daily Economic News" reporter noted that as the pace of the science and technology board is getting closer, some of the participating companies may land on the A-share listed company of the company, and the stock price has been continuously increasing.

The first batch of enterprises have started listing counseling

With the approval of the Party Central Committee and the State Council, on January 30, the CSRC issued the “On the establishment of the Science and Technology Board and the pilot registration on the Shanghai Stock Exchange. Implementation Opinions (hereinafter referred to as "Implementation Opinions"). The CSRC and the Shanghai Stock Exchange are in the process of advancing the establishment of the Science and Technology Board and the pilot registration system in an orderly manner in accordance with the requirements of the Implementation Opinion.

In recent months, the first batch of "admission tickets" for the science and technology board will be sent to anyone else. According to the experience of the previous GEM, the release of policy dividends will be particularly evident in the first few batches of pioneers. The first batch of enterprises that have landed on the science and technology board have been highly concerned by the society, and the "star effect" will be more significant.

Which companies might be the first "lucky"? In this regard, CITIC Securities (600030, diagnostic stocks) is expected that the first batch of listed companies in the Science and Technology Board is likely to be screened from the listed companies that are brokered by the brokers, and the probability has entered the IPO counseling stage.

According to the China Merchants Securities (600999, Diagnostics) research report, since the announcement of the Science and Technology Board, there are 16 companies that have received listing counseling, and 12 of them are expected to land on the board.

On January 21 this year, a well-known domestic chip company, Qiqi Technology, announced that it had accepted IPO counseling from CITIC Securities. As early as the beginning of 2018, the Shanghai Stock Exchange invited 澜Technology is listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange. As soon as the Shanghai Stock Exchange plans to develop a board, the technology will become the first batch of “lucky children”. The outside world is very concerned about this.

Zhongwei Semiconductor, which submitted its IPO counseling filing on January 11, is also one of the hot spots. Zhongwei Semiconductor is a leading company in China's etching equipment and ranks among the top in the global market. Jingchen Semiconductor is also planning to become the first enterprise to land on the board of science and technology, and is currently accepting the listing counseling of Guotai Junan (601211, diagnostic stock).

CICC expects that in the first half of 2019, the first batch of companies listed on the board of science and technology will be ushered in. It is expected that the number of listed companies in the 2019 year will be around 150, and the rough estimate is 500. From 100 million yuan to 100 billion yuan, the future science and technology board is expected to attract more overseas listings such as overseas stocks.

Semiconductors and artificial intelligence will become "hot"

"The profitability requirements of the company are not as high as before, but the requirements for the company's standard operation, corporate governance, information disclosure, etc. Will not be reduced." Yan Bojin, director of the Shanghai Securities Regulatory Bureau, said recently.

In Li Jinfeng, chief strategist of Guojin Securities (600109, Diagnostics), Kechuang Board brings more opportunities for domestic high-tech, high-growth innovative companies and quickly recruits them. Capital and rapid promotion of capitalization of scientific research results bring convenience.

China Merchants Securities expects that the science and technology sector industry will focus on high-tech industries with hard technology and innovation capabilities, and have certain fixed assets accumulation, profit conversion has sustainability and growth potential, "we believe that the biggest drive It may be semiconductor, artificial intelligence, etc."

As far as the semiconductor and integrated circuit industries are concerned, the technology, the new technology, the Anlu information, etc. have become popular, and there are many A-share concept stocks behind it. Huaxi Shares (000936, Diagnostics) once revealed on the interactive platform that as of June 30, 2018, Shanghai Huayi Investment Center (Limited Partnership) controlled by Huaxi Holdings held a 2.11% stake in Qiqi Technology; Xinhua Wenxuan (601811, The medical stocks disclosed that through the fund, Wenxuan Investment Co., Ltd., through its wholly-owned subsidiary, indirectly holds approximately 0.49% of the equity of Qiqi Technology. Shanghai Xinyang (300236, Diagnostics) holds 27.56% equity of Xinsheng Technology, Silan Micro (600460, the medical stock) holds 4.34% equity of Anlu Information.

Haitong Securities (600837, Diagnostics) believes that in the field of artificial intelligence, the potential hot companies of Kechuang Board mainly include Cambrian, Ubuntu, Vision Technology, and Cloud Cong Technology. At present, Keda Xunfei (002230, Diagnostics) holds 1.52% of the shares of Cambrian.

"I understand that many companies want to log in to the board of science and technology. After all, this is a national project. The first batch of companies that have landed on the board will be particularly concerned." January 30 In the evening, an investment banker told the reporter of the Daily Economic News.

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